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RE: $30,000 - is it worth it?

Originally Posted by andex
Originally Posted by ILXahead
This market segment is so competitive -- probably more competitive than it ever has been. The driving dynamics of the ILX better be excellent, and I guess we'll find out more when the journalist reviews are all released in April.

Has anyone else been considering the new Dodge Dart? Dodge's previous entry, the Caliber, would never have been on my radar but the new Dart is competitive to the ILX, at thousands cheaper!

Dodge Dart R/T - $23,200 standard 2.4L 184hp I4 integrated dual exhaust 6MT, Leather, 18in wheels

Thanks. The Dart looks great. I wonder when it will be released?
Dart is coming out mid-April, so that is pretty close to the ILX launch. I wonder if any of the magazines will directly compare them, or shy away from the comparison due to the ILX's premium position.
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