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Online Roulette Strategy (part 2)

Roulette Variations

The most common roulette games are European and American roulette. The European roulette 188bet Roulette Tips has 37 numbers with slots from 1 to 36 plus the zero slot. In American there are 38 with both single and double zero slots. European roulette is more popular because it has more favorable house edge then American. Another common variation is French roulette. There are also some crazy innovative roulette variations such as mini roulette, double ball roulette, three wheel roulette etc.

Land-Based vs. Online Roulette

The most obvious advantage of online roulette over land-based roulette is the convenience of gambling from the comfort of your own home. You are away from the crowds and hustles, and you can enjoy in your desired atmosphere. Another advantage is that online casinos offer roulette games with higher table limits and better payouts. In online roulette you can even see the history of your bets.

A simple strategy to use

Some people think that they have to buy a system from someone in order to begin winning at roulette. However, would advise you not to give money for such systems, because ultimately they don’t work as they are advertised of making you rich. Mathematically, they are always incorrect.

You can beat roulette without buying systems by following simple logical strategy. The best thing you can do is the following. First, find a casino that has roulette games with the lowest possible house edge. This is very important because you will have more chances to beat that house edge by even bigger difference in amounts and cash out more on your luck.

Next, you will have to follow these simple steps if you want to maximize the odds in your favor. Always go for European Roulette. Unlike the American, it has one number less standing at 37 slots and only a single zero slot. Also, European Roulette always has a lower house edge compared to American Roulette standing below 3%, while American has over 5%.

You will also need to avoid certain bets if you want to have a more Play Slot Games Online Guide profitable gambling session. It is true that single number bets are the highest paying bets possible at the roulette table, but it would be best if you would just avoid them, because they are also the most unlikely bets that you can win. Also, if you want to avoid the worst odds in roulette, avoid the five number bet.

Instead, place some bets that have more likely odds with decent payouts, such as the even money bets, like guessing if the number will be odd or even, low or high number, or if it is going to be black or red. They give you very low risk and a 45 percent chance to win and they pay 1 to 1, which means if you wager $1 you will get a $1. Also, when you choose to play European Roulette, see if it has the en prison rule, because you will be able to take back your bet if the ball lands on zero.

These are just simple guidelines that you can follow to maximize your return, but ultimately you are always left at the mercy of your luck. Whatever happens, make sure not to breach your bankroll and don’t try to make up for losses. The point is to have fun and not develop potential gambling issues.


We can summarize this introduction to roulette with the conclusion that it is an extremely popular casino game. It has always been and always will be. Roulette offers that classy image of style and exclusiveness, although from your home, but nevertheless, online roulette was built on that spirit and is designed to transfer it to the fullest into your own home.

Useful roulette glossary

– Against the Bank: when betting against the colors and the numbers that have come up in earlier rounds. If you bet on red after the ball has continuously fallen into black slots, is called “against the bank.”

– Combination Bet: when you place one or more chips on a single number within the brackets of the square in which the number is displayed at the roulette table, that is called a straight bet. But, if you place your chips on the line that divides two numbers or on the point between four different numbers, you have yourself a combination bet.

– Progression: with this technique you gradually increase your bet amounts by several times.

– Sprinkler: this expression is used for a person that puts random how to deposit at w88 wagers and does that a lot. This kind of players truly believes in his luck and bets without previous thinking, and instead goes with what his guts tell him.
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