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$30,000 - is it worth it?

I have put off buying a car so that I could take a look at the ILX. But at 30K for the 2.4 liter/6MT version it had better be very, very good.

There is no directly comparable vehicle based on size and price point. But here is what I am comparing it too:

Mazda3 Skyactiv $21K
- Pros: great driving dynamics, good 6MT, impressive MPG, reliable
- Cons: base trim only with 6MT, a bit cramped

BMW 3 $40K
- Pros: great handling, strong engine, good mpg
- Cons: excessively expensive with regular options, middling to poor reliability

Acura TSX $31K
- Pros: decent handling, great drivetrain, 6MT, very reliable
- Cons: not that fun to drive, future uncertain

Nissan Juke $26K
- Pros: really fun, good handling
- Cons: weird looking, back back seat, poor rear visibility, real-world mpg not very good.

Civic SI $23K
- Pros: great drivetrain, 6MT, good handling, very reliability
- Cons: noisy, quality of build issues, scheduled for remodeling.

Audi $30+
- Pros: advanced technology, good handling, okay mpg
- Cons: overpriced, inverted bathtub appearance, poor reliability.

VW GTI $25K+
- Pros: good balance of handling, comfort, good mpg
- Cons: poor long-term reliability, overpriced in some trims, ugly upholstery.

Mazda CX-5 $21K
- Pros: excellent handling for an CUV, 6MT, great MPG, capacity.
- Cons: uncomfortable, flat seat, 6MT only available w/lowest trim levels and 2WD.

Subaru WRX $25K
- Pros: monster engine, good handling, fairly reliable
- Cons: terrible MPG, due for remodeling, very noisy

Mini Countryman $28K
- Pros: fun to drive, good drivetrain, good mpg
- Cons: way overpriced, poor reliability, twitchy on highway

BMW 1 $30K
- Pros: good handling,
- Cons: seriously cramped, poor value, middling mpg, high cost maintenance

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