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Got my 2019 ILX A-Spec 10 days ago - cannot believe I'm driving the same car so many people PAN on websites - all I can think is that they really have NO experience with the car they are basing their opinions on - so let's take a drive down Memory Lane - I bought a new BMW M5 sedan 32 years ago and owned & drove it for 10 years - also have experience with a 2012 Civic Si sedan (5 years) and a 2018 Civic HB Sport Manual (1 year);

1987 M5: 182" length 55.7" height 67" widteh 3450 lbs 256HP and 0-60 time of 6.7 sec (5-speed Manual)
2019 ILX: 182" length 56" height 71" width 3144 lbs 201HP and 0-60 time of 6.6 sec (8-speed Dual Clutch Auto)

M5 cost me $48,000 in 1987
ILX cost me $31,000 in 2019

This is NOT some "refreshed 9th Gen Honda Civic" by any means

plus - it's NOT a "Turbo made in Thailand" with "6-speed made in India"
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