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ILX reviewed by Dan Neil of the WSJ

There's a relative shortage of fun, tossable entry-luxury cars with manual transmissions available, so the ILX with the stick wins happiness points on that score alone. The ILX's program engineers also gave the car a more well-seated and refined feel in its ride and handling than the donor Civic. Among the upgrades are new, fancy dampers with two-stage valving, providing limited damping in the first few centimeters of compression, then firming up for long-stroke events. The effect is subtle, but it's there. The ILX also enjoys a higher-rate steering ratio for a crisper steering feel.

Also noticeable is the uptick in ride isolation, which is to say the ILX has less of the tactile and audible thrum of asphalt under-wheel than does the Civic. When the engine isn't vocalizing, the ILX's interior delivers a handsome amount of calm and quiet.
What do you think of his take?
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