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Everything you're dying to know about 2016 Acura NSX - carid - 01-21-2015 06:00 AM

Finally it happened - the all-new NSX is here in the form of a highly technical and utterly exhilarating supercar. When it comes to mid-engined supercars, the Acura NSX sets all the benchmarks. Using weight-saving construction techniques combined with a hybrid powertrain that has three electric motors and a mid-mounted twin-turbo V-6, the NSX promises pulse-pounding performance paired with everyday usability.

[Image: 2016_acura_nsx_detroit_1.jpg]

Compared to the original NSX, the model is one inch wider and 3.1-inches longer (including 0.8-inches extra length in the wheelbase). While the five-block headlamps were replaced by thin rows of six LEDs with an even thinner strip of LED DRLs, the front looks different also due to the redesigned ducts and filaments.

[Image: 2016_acura_nsx_detroit_3.jpg]

As for the rear, there are thin taillamps that embrace the width of the car. The new bumper comprises three massive air extractors and a diffuser. The center-mounted exhaust pipes make the rear of the car look even more modernized.

[Image: 2016_acura_nsx_detroit_4.jpg]

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Rumors say that it will be on sale in late 2015 and will wear a supercar price tag, in the mid-$150,000 range. We think this model looks aggressive and stylish. And you?